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Media Fellow Effectively Amplifies the Effects of Climate Change in Papua New Guinea

Our 2019 media fellow, Louiseanne Gohul Laris, a TV journalist for the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, made a documentary and a radio news story in June on the impact of climate change on the sinking Carteret Islands for NBC. The documentary, which was aired on national television and screened in the town centre for a week raised awareness on climate displacement, had a significant influence on government action – the government acted swiftly to address the issue of food security when the atolls were affected by strong winds and high tides in August, and it used the documentary to seek more funding on climate mitigation.

I will continue to do follow-up stories on these issues to hold the government accountable for not honouring its commitment to address the 17 goals of SDGs. Our role as media to act as watch dogs and I believe being proactive about these issues will reflect or act as a mirror to tell the government it is not doing enough to assist its people or not doing anything to live up to its commitment.

Louiseanne Laris, Media Fellow from Bougainville (Papua New Guinea)

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