Feminist Action from the Ground Up

In 2019, there were many stories of the impact of our work across the region. Women across the region organised, challenged the structures of Patriarchy manifested in neoliberal Globalisation, Fundamentalisms and Militarism (P-GFM), shifted gender norms in their communities, opposed discriminatory laws and policies and pushed UN mechanisms into action for women’s human rights and Development Justice.

Impact of our FPARs

Our Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) methodology enabled grassroots women and their communities across the region to organise and build solidarities, collect and document human rights violations, analyse and challenge power inequalities and advocate for women’s human rights and Development Justice at the local, national, regional and international levels.

Lumad Women Change Political Landscape and Gender Dynamics within the Community in their Struggle for Self-determination
Majhi Women Resist Sunkoshi II Hydropower Project in Nepal
Hospital Cleaners in Thailand Join other Hospital Workers in an Inclusive Alliance to Demand their Rights as Workers

Supporting Grassroots Women’s Agendas for Change

Through the Womanifesto process, grassroots women from eight countries of the region mobilised and organised themselves, and created feminist agendas for change that challenge patriarchy and fundamentalisms, recognise militarism’s harmful impact in weakening democracy, and connect their grassroots realities to issues of neoliberal globalisation’s impacts.

Muslim and Dalit Women Demand Change in Gender Norms in Uttar Pradesh, India
Women with Disabilities (WWDs) Organise and Demand their Human Rights in the Terai region of Nepal
Changing Attitudes on Gendered Customary Practices in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan: Asma’s Story

Advancing Feminist Development Justice in the Region

By using SDGs as a tool for accountability, APWLD together with our members and partners were able to strengthene capacities of grassroots women and supported them to create and sustain local feminist movement for Development Justices; give genuine meaning to localising the SDGs; ;  produced resources to demand governments’ commitments to SDGs.

Putting the Rights of PWDs and WWDs at the center of government policy in Aceh, Indonesia
Mongolian Women’s Groups Push for Development Justice
Participatory Research Advances Development Justice in the Philippines